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Contact        : Manager Wang
Telephone    : 13953879721
Telephone    : 0538-3492107 
Address       : Chaoquan town Industrial
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   Shandong army into mechanical Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the hometown of the famous peach fat - fat city territory, east of the Five Sacred Mountains of Taishan (Tai'an City) 30 km to the north and 70 km from the provincial capital Jinan, east of Beijing-Shanghai Railway, 104 State Road, Fuzhou, Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, the state is planning to Xinjiang, Shandong Qingdao red pull it close to the plant after the completion of    


Shandong Jun Cheng Machinery Co., Ltd.    Technical Support:
Contact:Manager wang   Address:ShanDong province Feicehng City Chaoquan Town Industrial development zone    Mobile phone :13953879721   15552837172